moroccan tribe

HANDMADE, one of a kind, organic. 


All of our gorgeous new made rugs are hand knotted by our artisan partners in the Atlas mountains of Morocco using premium organic Berber wool. Each piece is completely unique and a collectable work of art

This handcrafted Moroccan rug serves as a unique home decor accent for your living room, under a dining table or in your bedroom for the perfect contemporary style. 


Colour Palette: Cream

Size: 290X200CM

Pile: Medium

Composition: 100% Organic Atlas Wool

Class: New

Soft, beautiful and comfortable, this Moroccan rug brings a luxurious feel to your home.

Our Moroccan rugs stand out and elevate any type of interior decor. These rugs have character and show an archaic symbolism that dates back to the earliest form of art and writing.  They can be used to define areas, create harmony, control the volume and just simply add a soft gorgeous element into your home decoration. Each piece is a unique collectable work of art.

When photographing our collections, we do not enhance our photos in any way. We strive to capture our rugs in the most accurate lighting possible.

All Moroccan Tribe rugs are professionally cleaned, and repaired if needed by our artisan team, before leaving Morocco.  

Please contact us for more images/videos if required.


Care Instructions

We recommend cleaning your rug by hanging outdoors where possible, and shaking out any collected dust or dirt. Spot treatment is safest with water only, never apply commercial products. We recommend professional cleaning if needed. 


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