The love of a vintage Moroccan rug purchased 10 years ago, a few more along the way, study of interior design and the search for handmade sustainable treasures; and so Moroccan Tribe was born! 

With a vision to provide gorgeous vintage Moroccan rugs, special one-of-a-kind Artisan handmade homewares and accessories for your home; Moroccan tribe is your one-stop destination to create your own dream space.

Moroccan tribe strives to be a sustainable company, helping our environment by offering unique sustainable resources that already exists in this world, rather than mass producing more.

We also believe in supporting and keeping the tradition alive for the women who weave these rugs, as the knowledge is often passed down from mother to daughter and allows these women to earn money for themselves.

After a sourcing trip to Morocco, Renee also fell in love with the culture and history of Morocco and the handmade items she discovered in the souks. She formed friendships with the Artisans who create these authentic and beautiful pieces, and decided to bring them back to Australia to share with you.


"We source handcrafted homewares from Morocco that can be cherished for a lifetime, be passed down from generation to generation, bring a gorgeous feel to your home and never go out of style."