Moroccan Tribe sells vintage, one of a kind, handmade items.

Our company ethos is to provide gorgeous vintage Moroccan Rugs that support our environment and carbon footprint, by utilising beautiful sustainable resources that already exists in this world, rather than mass producing more.

We also believe in supporting the women and their daughters who weave these rugs, as well as the local Artisans in the souks who create our beautiful handmade shoes, bags and hats.

Mostly aged between 30 - 80 years old, our Vintage Moroccan Rugs have been handwoven by women from Morocco, using hand spun wool, and natural dyes to produce the beautiful colour palettes.

We work with local family run businesses and partners in Morocco to source directly from traditional hand craft regions and artisan communities. We work closely with our suppliers to carefully describe and correctly represent our products and their origins. 

For new products we upcycle vintage rug wool and textiles. These products are all handmade, one of a kind treasures and we work with local makers to produce. Our leather products are hand made in the souks in Marrakesh by local artisans, using locally tanned leather and vintage textiles. 

For our repairs, we work with skilled artisans who hand wash and repair the rugs if needed, in a traditional method prior to departing Morocco, to carefully preserve and closely match the original weaving and materials as much as possible.