Rugs are a must have in every home. The rugs we select for our customers at Moroccan Tribe are One-of-a-kind Handmade Timeless pieces created by the Women in the Atlas Mountains, using 100% natural dyes and 100% wool, these are also sustainable to the environment, can easily stand the test of time and work hard for you over many years to come - providing you choose well and don't cut corners when it comes to quality. There are so many rug types to choose from including high pile fluffy rugs, created with thick knots of pure wool yet, so lovely! 

We know all too well how easy it is to fall completely in love with the aesthetics of a rug, without considering how practical it will be in the space you intend it for.

We should always ask ourselves the obvious questions when purchasing our dream rug, such as 'Is the pile too thick for a hallway space?’, ‘is it a high footfall area?' or ‘is this rug too underwhelming for my lounge room?'

Pile and placement are as important things to consider as pattern, colour and size when choosing your rug, so here are a few tips and ideas to help you find THE perfect rug for your home. Don't forget you can browse our website to select your dream rug ( use a link here) 

And when it comes to choosing the right rug, size does matter!



When choosing a rug for your lounge room, it's always a good idea to consider how you want the space to feel.

In lounge rooms, we like to recommend our customers to look for rugs big enough to sit under the legs of the couch and any occasional chairs – 30 cm of rug under the leg is ideal but you can settle for less if you have found the most amazing rug that you love, its just a guide. If your rug doesn’t reach under the legs of your couch, that's okay its just something to aim for as a beautiful Vintage Moroccan Rug is a statement piece of artwork in itself.

It is also good to consider the thickness and pile of your rug.

Will it be tucked under furniture? Is it in a thoroughfare to the rest of your house? 

If the answer is yes, a short to medium pile would be an ideal choice.

It means that you will have a soft and comfy rug underfoot whilst still having an easy rug to run the hoover over.

If your lounge room is separate to the rest of the house you could definitely opt for a medium to thick shag pile rug as not only will they require little vacuuming, they are incredibly soft and sumptuous underfoot… especially if you have a young family and spend time on the floor!



Depending on the size of your dining table, Berber rugs are usually the perfect shape to go under dining tables as they tend to be long and narrow to fit the traditional nomadic Berber tents of the Atlas Mountains.

You most definitely want to opt for a short to medium pile here as not only will you want your dining chairs to move in and out nice and easy when you are entertaining guests, spot cleaning mashed veggies from a shag pile rug is not a fun task…trust me!

Always bear in mind how forgiving the colour is going to be when choosing a rug for under the table.

In a dining room, the rug you're looking for is big enough to allow the chairs to sit fully on the rug, even when people are seated. That means all four of their chair legs are on the rug – not half on and half off. In terms of shape, this will be one of the easiest styling decisions you’ll have to make; round rugs go with round tables, and rectangular rugs go with rectangular tables.



The bedroom is often our ultimate sanctuary in the house and we often like these spaces to feel calm, inviting and comfortable.

There are two main options to go for when considering the placement of your rug, the first being two small runners either side of the bed. There is nothing nicer than stepping out of bed and the first thing you feel is silky soft Berber wool between your toes… pure bliss!

This is also a great option if you are limited on space at the end of your bed but still want to add some texture and character to the bedroom.

If you have a little more space, a popular option is to place a rug at the base of the bed just tucked under the end.

In terms of pile, I would recommend a medium to thick piled rug, as mentioned before, they feel incredible underfoot and being in the bedroom, tend not to pick up as much dust (toast crumbs, pet hair, small pieces of lego) as the rest of the house.

The bedroom is also the ideal place to go those whiter neutral tones, this is your sanctuary after all and shouldn’t be in danger of the kids dinner or red wine spills (We only drink martini's in the bedroom of course).

A short and narrow rug is also a great way to add a little character to your walk in wardrobe spaces too

In a master suite, you’ll be looking for a rug big enough to extend out on either side of the bed and at the foot of the bed. As a rule of thumb, a 2 x 3 metre rug works best, but if you’ve got a large room, you could go even bigger. If a round rug is in the stars for you, we like to position it on one corner.



Nurseries and kids rooms are the perfect place to inject a little bit of fun, colour and texture into the room. A small to medium piece that can again, be placed beside a single bed or in front of the cot can really bring a room together. Children's rooms give us a lot more freedom to express our inner child but bear in mind that you want your toddler or child to really grow with the rug and enjoy it in to at least their early teens.

In terms of pile you can be really flexible as your kids spend a lot of time playing on the floor. The smaller rugs are super easy to look after as they can be taken outside and shaken very easily.

Most importantly, have fun with it because let's face it, we are all big kids at heart



'The bathroom?!’ you say? Yes indeed! A well placed small Berber rug in a bathroom can really transform the room. A short narrow runner in front of a vanity not only looks great but feels luxurious underfoot, goodbye daggy bathmats!



For me, a hallway isn’t complete without some colour and texture to complete the space. Of course being high foot fall areas, a short to medium pile is a must. Most

Berber hallway runners tend to measure 2 to 4 metres in length so for those long hallway spaces, two similar or contrasting hallway runners can look fantastic together and achieve the same look as a really long runner.

Of course all of these are just my personal opinions having styled hundreds of rugs in different spaces over the years and I know full well how easy it is to let your heart rule your head when the colours speak to you so vividly... and sometimes... why not?! We can all find ways to make things work in our homes simply because we love them and they make us happy!

I hope this article has been helpful for all of you wondering how to choose the perfect rug for your home. 



The study or office is one of my favourite places to style a rug. Most people are now working a lot more from home or even if you are just paying the bills in the evenings, you want your study to be a creative space whilst also feeling comfortable and a little inspired.

Pile and placement are important things to consider when placing a rug in a study. You still want space to pull your chair in and out or swivel your office chair so placing a rug central to the room in a study is ideal. A short to medium pile is preferable and like the nursery or kids rooms, you can definitely have a little more fun in your study. Have you seen any rugs that have caught your eye that would work in your study?


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June 26, 2023 — Renee Mooney